Call for Participation

This is the official call for submissions to the 2012 PhD Challenge. All men and women who are currently graduate students at an accredited University or Institute of higher-learning are welcome and encouraged to participate. The idea of the PhD Challenge is to have students perform some task that the average graduate student is too timid to perform. It takes a unique caliber of student to overcome adversity and the ire of their adviser in order to complete this challenge.


The goal of this year’s challenge is to give a new intellectual discovery, idea, or finding in a in the final, camera-ready version of a peer-reviewed academic paper the name Cleveland Steamer. As an example, an eligible submission could contain a new mathematical equation called the “Cleveland Steamer Theorem”. The target name must appear in the main matter of a paper (e.g., not in an appendix or other supplemental pages). The paper must be at at least three pages long and is published in the proceedings or journal of an English-speaking academic organization. For those fields that require all discoveries to be named in Latin, the variation Clevelandius Stemirinus will also be accepted. See the contest rules for additional information on what types of discoveries are allowed and conference requirements, or refer to the FAQ for additional examples.


All entries to the PhD Challenge contest must be submitted using the official entry form prior to the end of contest date. Each entry must include the URL to the official download link of their paper in order to verify that the nickname will appear in final print version of the document.

Important Dates

Note that you will receive feedback within 14 days from your submission on whether your entry meets the criteria.


The PhD Challenge organization is proud to announce that the 2012 winner will receive a handsome reward along with the distinguished honor of winning the contest. We have procured the following items that will be rewarded to the individual that scores the highest in the final judging:

All items subject to availability. The PhD Challenge organization reserves the right to substitute any prize with a different item of equal value.


All graduate students in any field (including medical and law) are eligible to submit entries to the PhD Challenge. Faculty submissions are not permitted. Recently appointed faculty members are eligible if their paper was written and submitted prior to becoming a professor. See rules for additional information about eligibility requirements.


The PhD Challenge organization is not responsible for any legal, disciplinary, or financial repercussions from this contest. All contest participants should be mindful of the potential consequences (be they good or bad) that may result from submitting a paper with the challenge nickname.

Last Updated January 1, 2012